Data Ethics & Security

The ethics of data privacy are critically important to everyone who buys and sells data. eWebData strives to be a leader in ethical and legal conduct, so that working with us does not open our clients – or theirs – to risk where data is concerned.

The Direct Mail Association has been addressing the ethics of this issue for decades. All direct mail data brokers must agree to a strict code of ethical conduct that has set a standard for all data transactions in this digital age (DMA 2021).
While it relies on a pledge to self self-monitor conduct, the truth is that the majority of participants follow it. Businesses like eWebData value their reputations and want to be ethical.

All companies that sell data of any kind must navigate the federal and state level laws and precedents in order to be able to legally and ethically sell data. We take our responsibility to comply very seriously. Our internal Code of Ethics takes into consideration the following concerns for our clients:

1. The rights of consumers they want to guarantee
2. The harms they are trying to protect consumers from
3. The problems they are trying to solve
4. The privacy outcomes they hope to achieve for consumers

At eWebData, we will only sell specifically relevant information to a client. We do not sell client information.