Data Discovery

Customers are looking for you. They just don’t know it’s you they’re looking for. Data purchasing allows you to find them and invite them to meet you. It also allows you to target customers who are the most likely to connect with you and purchase with you. It eliminates random web visitors, accidental clicks or lookylooky-loos.

For example:
Search term data purchases can help you discover pre pre-purchase buying habits that will help you further hone and target the lists you buy for even better results. Just like in the example of the wine vault. But with the data, you’re not guessing.

You’ll know before your prospect does that they’re looking for you. Most companies don’t know about or understand data purchasing. Now that you know, you’re ahead of the pack. That’s the competitive edge that built Wal Wal-Mart and Amazon.


The Federal Government protects anonymity on websites. You can’t just collect your own data because visitors may be on the “do not call” registry list. Data purchasing is also a barrier to entry. It prevents people from taking advantage of privacy by placing a cost in the way. The ability to buy the data is a distinct competitive advantage.