Custom Website Design

Clean, Visually Attractive

You want a highly attractive site with well-organized content. The new site needs to have a beautiful design that is proportionally balanced and visually compelling. It needs to work perfectly with your brand and needs to present your content in a way that’s organized and uncluttered.

Works Across Platforms

You need your website to work on today’s leading mobile devices People utilize their mobile devices to view and interact with websites.

Therefore, this site needs to recognize, adapt, and deliver a custom mobile experience. This will be good for the user experience as well as SEO.

Clear Messaging

You want content and messaging to be focused and strategic. The new site needs to focus on what is most important to your target markets. Strategically placed key messages and calls to actions should encourage interaction and engagement. While site content should be focused without being
redundant or excessive.

Logical, Intuitive to Use

You want your site to be logical, intuitive, and easy to use. You want the site to be easy to use and simple to navigate. It should be logical and intuitive so the website user can interact and engage without any barriers or needless confusion.

Easy to Manage Content

You want a content management system that is powerful, but easy. You want the ability to manage your own website content. Adding pages, photos, copy, key messaging, videos and more needs to be easy and straightforward. A custom open-source CMS such as Shopify+ is preferred.

Scalable Control

You want more control than you are currently getting from your site. You are frustrated by the administrative back end of your website, and you want a better solution that will give you more control over content, images, forms and more. Along with the control, you want it to be a logical, straight forward, easy to use solution.