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// why buy data

Customers are looking for you

They just don’t know it’s you they’re looking for. Data purchasing allows you to find them and invite them to meet you. It also allows you to target customers who are the most likely to connect with you and purchase with you. It eliminates random web visitors, accidental clicks or looky-loos.
For example: Search term data purchases can help you discover pre-purchase buying habits that will help you further hone and target the lists you buy for even better results. Just like in the example of the wine vault. But with the data, you’re not guessing.

You’ll know before your prospect does that they’re looking for you. Most companies don’t know about or understand data purchasing. Now that you know, you’re ahead of the pack. That’s the competitive edge that built Wal-Mart and Amazon.

// Your Success Formula

Starting With Our Own Success Formula

Starting with our own formula for success, we build a process for you that is customized to your goals. We will
train you and your team on how to best target, buy and use your data on an ongoing basis. We partner with
you to stay abreast of trends and new tech to maintain your elite advantage.
Monthly Consulting Fee + SmartPixel™ Package + Dashboard + Custom Data Spend

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projects done
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Glorious Years

Performance Dashbaord

Our new fully integrated dashboard allows you to view ALL insights. More than 50 integrations means no more switching between accounts for every client because all marketing channels are in one place. A single, intuitive interface let’s you monitor your campaign in a streamlined fashion. In mere seconds, you can build a complete dashboard – simply link integrations – for every client in your agency.  Branded to you, these custom user accounts give you and your client update access 24/7. That means monitoring all campaigns across platforms in real time. SEO Audits, rank tracking and automated reporting all included.

// a cutting edge equation

Now that you understand
how the process would work for you

10k Data Packets

Drop purchased emails into a campaign. Example cost:$0.75 per record.

4k Opens

EWebData has an AI driven email system that delivers
– 95% of emails – 40% open rate.

800 Visitors

Our AI created emails have a reliable 20% click thru rate.
4K x 20% = 800

14x Increases

Our SmartPixel™
looks for 14 NEW
prospects per each
unique visitor.
800 x 14 = 11,200

2240 Click Thru (again)

Our AI delivers retargeted ads to these new visitors as well.
Same 20% click thru.
11,200 x 20% = 2,240

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