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SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is far more than search terms and key words. It’s also about integrating coding into your website’s back- end programming that makes Google, Yahoo, Bing , etc. love crawling and indexing your site. Yes, Index crawlers can love or hate your website. One of the most misunderstood aspects of SEO is how a website Platform contributes to or detracts from marketing results. Cheap websites lose money – and often cost money in unexpected ways.

Google Fencing

Physical businesses often live and die on geo-fencing.It’s important that your marketing strategy penetrate your local market thoroughly to create powerful local reach. EWebData sets up geo fences using key words and search terms. These are programmed into your website and our SmartPixel™. The data you purchase provides strategic insight Into the realities of who is looking for you and who will buy from you. The same data you purchase to inform your Google Shopping descriptive writing will inform the pixel’s targeting systems.

Google Shopping

Cracking the Google Shopping code is important to you. You want your products to stand out, and for your innovative products to find traction with undiscovered audiences. The key to understanding Google Shopping is to understand how their algorithm works.
1. You need to be promoting your products on Google Shopping for the algorithm to engage.
2. Google will push your product to clients in your geo-targeted area IF: – You have creative tag lines under ALL products (called “Descriptive Writing”) – Your creative tags are associated with your geo fenced target area for ALL products
– The Google crawlers like your web site

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Senior Marketing Manager Ashwoth College
eWebData has helped us reach our Ads Re-targeting campaign objective and beyond! They have done an amazing job in creating an audience segmentation strategy for us and leveraged their expertise in programmatic display to optimize our Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).
Co-Founder KAOH Media
Having an integrated digital approach is essential to any campaign. eWebData’s unique 1-to-1 household IP targeting continues to prove itself as an incredibly effective means to reach targeted audiences without wasted impressions.
Fast Company
Fast Company
"Yes. Political Campaigns Follow Your Browser History"
The micro-targeting campaign was successful for the Garcetti campaign and Engaged: BDR… they delivered over 7 million impressions in just over two weeks… 10% to 17% better clilckthrough rates for Latinos and English-speaking Latinos ages 18- 46…those returns [are] the reason why election campaigns want to know you better than you know yourself.